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Kubota Materials Canada CorporationKubota Materials Canada Corporation is the leading North American supplier of heat resistant cast steel products. Manufacturing Kubota’s brands of alloys from raw materials to finished products under one roof in Orillia Canada, Kubota Materials Canada Corporation leads the industry in quality, dependability, and on-time delivery.


Kubota Materials Canada Corporation was founded in 1935 to supply castings to the mining industry of southern Ontario. Since that time the company has become an important contributor to the diversification and expansion of the region. Markets have become international, with exports forming 50-60% of sales volume. Manufacturing castings for the mining industry remains an important activity. However, the subsequent growth of secondary industry has allowed Kubota Materials Canada Corporation to develop and specialize in the casting and fabrication of heat and corrosion resistant alloys, especially those used by the petrochemical and steel industries.

Kubota Materials Canada Corporation is part of Kubota Materials Division

Kubota Materials Canada Corporation, was purchased by the Kubota Corporation of Osaka, Japan, in June 1990. Kubota Materials Canada Corporation formerly operated as a division of Indusmin Ltd. within the Falconbridge Group. Kubota Materials Canada Corporation is now part of the Materials Consolidated Division of Kubota. This group of independent operations manufactures products in steel, iron, and plastic for industry around the world.

Kubota has focused continuous improvement on both our products and our manufacturing processes. With a kaizen program empowering workers and key capital investments, the facility is state-of-the-art.

All In One Facility

Kubota Materials Canada Corporation controls all aspects of the manufacturing process. Starting with raw materials, melting and casting metal, machining, welding, inspection and preparation for shipment are all done under one roof. Shifts operate around the clock to ensure a continuous flow of material.

An all-encompassing quality management system controls all aspects of the manufacturing process.

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