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Control of product chemistry using XRF and OES SpectrometersChemical Analysis

Every heat produced is analyzed for chemical composition by means of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Our equipment is calibrated daily to national standards and custom made secondary standards. Dedicated Leco instruments analyze for lighter elements carbon, sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen. Chemical analysis certificates are provided for every heat ordered.

Eddy Current

Kubota has developed eddy current based inspection for cast tubes. This equipment performs an automated check of the OD surface to detect injurious defects.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI)

Nationally qualified personnel perform liquid penetrant inspection of tubes and sand castings. Machined parts and welds are also subject to LPI.


Four in-house bunkers are available to perform all radiography of the castings and completed welds. Staff radiographers are certified by the Canadian regulatory authority. Film processing is completed with the latest automated equipment.

Positive Material Identification

All incoming material is analyzed by a portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XMET 2000). This includes all lots of weld filler metal. Carbon levels are also checked in the chemical lab.

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