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Sand Casting

Axle Bracket for the logging industryGreen Sand

The "Green" sand process uses only sand, water and clay to make the mould. Wet sand medium is compacted around the pattern with a jolting action. The compacted sand forms both physical and chemical bonds to retain the pattern shape. The sand costs are lower than other moulding processes making green sand an economical casting method.

For competitive production of green sand castings, a modern semi-automatic moulding facility is used (International Jolt-Squeeze). Cope and drag (top and bottom) halves of the mould can be made and closed in minutes, permitting castings to be poured in the same shift.

No-Bake Sand

Kubota has both boxless and flask moulding using no-bake sand technology. These moulding areas give the most versatility, being able to make castings from less than 1 lb to over 4000 lbs.

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