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Ethylene is the largest volume petrochemical. It is an important basic chemical for many products. The principal source for ethylene is from the pyrolysis of ethane or naphtha. These furnaces are the hottest industrial furnaces using metal castings. Obviously, this is a very taxing environment for any alloy, not only do the alloy tubes and fittings have to endure the high temperature but must withstand carburization (carbon diffusion into the metal matrix), frequent heating cooling cycles and stresses due to coke build up. Kubota makes a variety of alloys specifically designed to resist carburization and high temperatures.

High nickel-chromium alloys are designed to maintain high strengths, while resisting carburization. The coils are fabricated with gas shielded arc welding using rotated hot wire machine welding or orbital welding.


Catalyst reformer tubes are used to produce hydrogen from steam and natural gas. The hydrogen is subsequently converted to methanol, ammonia, town gas or is purified and used directly. Reformers operate at higher pressures and lower temperatures than pyrolysis coils. The gases are not reducing so alloy strength and creep resistance are the important properties rather than carburization resistance. Reformer alloys are usually HK or HP based, modified to maximize high temperature physical properties.

Kubota has the highest standards in producing reformer tubes. We have the tightest control of the cast metallurgy using our SPC program, every aspect of the casting process is controlled and monitored. Microalloys are controlled and guaranteed to meet the published properties. Each microalloyed tube is made from one heat, and the chemistry of that tube is certified. In other foundries, multiple pouring often results in loss of reactive elements meaning that the tubes will not meet expected strength values.


Today's petrochemical market demands unprecedented quality and support from material suppliers. Kubota utilizes its vast experience and resources to produce the most sophisticated static tube supports and hangers from 1/2 pound to over two tons, grade A297 HF to A560 50Ni-50Cr Nb.


Wherever heat is applied we are there. Steel producers rely on the alloys supplied by Kubota. Kubota manufactures high-end products that improve industrial furnace reliability and performance.


Kubota supplies the best quality winding spools in the world. Our spools outlast traditional rolled and welded spools. Centrifugally cast alloys such as KCP-12, provide unequalled performance and spool life.


Kubota first started casting components for the mining industry. Wear resistant and abrasion resistant steel grades are still a significant part of our sales.


Kubota Materials Canada Corporation provides coils for many process fired heaters including service for styrene and for VCM plants. Kubota also can supply burners.

Kubota manufactures all types of supports commonly required to revamp existing furnaces as well as new construction. From small wall supports and roof hangers required in horizontal box heaters to the largest tube sheets and tube trees required in vertical cylindrical heaters.

Kubota has made capital investments to improve processes such as molding, melting and pouring, cleaning and non-destructive testing to ensure Kubota's quality reputation is maintained and seen in the performance of our products.

Whether supports are required for radiant or convection sections, Kubota has the material choices and metallurgical expertise to support all applications and environments.

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