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MERT technology improves Cracking Furnace PerformanceTechnology to improve Cracking Furnace Performance

Kubota has proven over the years that intensive research and development, a rigorous quality system, and high internal standards have made us the leader in radiant coil supply for the ethylene industry. Now Kubota has added an extra dimension to the process by using a "mixing element". The element in MERT promotes turbulent flow, breaking the boundary film that forms on bare tubes allowing better mixing of the fluids inside.

Cut-away view of a MERT tubeIn 1996, Kubota installed the first MERT tubes in a commercial ethylene cracking furnace. Since then MERT has been applied to over 200 furnaces world-wide.

Heat transfer in smooth bored tubes is a combination of radiation, conduction, and boundary layer. In a straight run of smooth bored tubes, laminar flow develops along the ID surface, creating an insulating boundary layer. This boundary layer is responsible for short run times, increased TMT's, coking and firing rates.

Kubota's patented MERT technology allows the laminar layer to be periodically broken up, mixing these hot gases with the cooler turbulent flow in the core. Better mixing and heat transfer can increase conversion through higher firing rates, increased throughput, and provide more efficient heating.

MERT - temperature distribution in gas

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